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  1. Apps & Authors
    Hello everybody! I'm a software developer and I'm looking for ideas and suggestions for making new Satellite Internet Apps. Please tell me what apps or software you'd like to see or need. As a developer, I was struck by how little software and apps there are for satellite connections. SMS...
  2. Maintenance/How-to Videos
    OK you guys.... All the funny business aside, all of ya'll help me with something. The wife has an i-phone, we have a digital camera and getting a GoPro, have an iMac and want to "produce" some of our own experiences for the scrap book and to share (video). This is the big mystry to me. Is...
  3. Learning to Sail
    Garmin Montana 600 has USB interfacing for PC based navigation software. I can't figure out the settings for Polar View NV (trial ver) to talk to the GPS unit. Is there anyone else using a Garmin and Polar View? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks David
  4. Gear & Maintenance
    I have a couple of mid-sized sailboats to renovate and want to plan wiring and plumbing before I start. Also, when I sell one of these boats, I want to turn a set of diagrams over to the new owner. Any recommendations for free or reasonably-priced software (Windows 7 operating system)? The...
  5. Electronics
    Are there any navigation software packages other than Nobeltec Odyssey that can do route planning with ETA's based on specific departure times and incorporating the impact of tidal currents? Odyssey does route simulations based on your entered departure time (or desired arrival time) that...
1-5 of 5 Results