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  1. Battery (and solar) for weekender

    We have a 26' sailboat that we are using on weekends. The boat is moored in the North East. The outboard is powered by a West Marine 650 Starting battery and the specs mention that it requires 465 MCA. The battery also supplies power for the VHF, depth finder, and lights. I am planning to...
  2. Will Solar Panel Trickle Charge Battery?

    Just bought my first real boat. Ericson 29. Couldn't afford to be in a regular dock so I settled or a star dock. Which means I don have electric. I've been told that there are permanent solar panels that can be installed on the deck to tricle charge my battery. After some brief research I...
  3. Zanshin just got some Solbian solar panels

    Gear & Maintenance
    After running my generator daily for about an hour a day for the past 6 months I finally opted to delve into solar power and ordered 3 125W CP-125 panels from Bruce last week. While this is only about half of my energy requirement, I wanted to experiment with the installation location before...
  4. Alternative to Solar

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Dear Community, My name is Maximilian Allmayer-Beck and I am consulting a start up from Barcelona, which is working on an alternative way of generating energy on sailboats. The newly developed technology allows you to generate energy from the movement of the boat, store it and later on of course...
  5. Solar panel sails

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I have just seen a post on Facebook featuring a solar powered tent. Orange unveils solar concept tent at Glastonbury | Green Tech - CNET News I wondered how far away we are from seeing solar panel sails! I did a quick search and though the fabric is seemingly still at the R&D stage we may...
  6. A Guide: Choosing a Solar System for your Yacht

    Electrical Systems
    I've been reading sailnet for years, gleaning little bits of information here and there. One thing that I have done an extensive bit of reading on is solar power. I've learned quite a bit, and since buying my own cruising yacht I installed my own system and am now using it to cross the Pacific...