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  1. Is my solar panel dead?

    Electrical Systems
    Bought my Hunter 23 in the spring and am working to get all of the kinks worked out of it. The PO had a two battery bank that was kept charged by a small solar panel mounted on aft cockpit railing. He told me that it used to do a good job of keeping the batteries topped off, but noticed that...
  2. Elfeland semi flexible solar panels

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Does anyone have experience with these panels. They are moderately priced, I can get a 200watt unit with controller for about $250. The semi flexible nature would make conforming to the Bimini top ideal. I believe it has an aluminum frame. Ps. I'm not allowed to post links yet...... Regards
  3. Mounting Solar Panel

    Electrical Systems
    I'm in the process of designing a solar system to power an Engel refrigerator/freezer and keep a Group 27 battery (also used to power occasionally used inverter) charged. I've decided on a 140W panel and am thinking of mounting it - independent of my bimini - on a vertical, twin pole platform...
  4. Will Solar Panel Trickle Charge Battery?

    Just bought my first real boat. Ericson 29. Couldn't afford to be in a regular dock so I settled or a star dock. Which means I don have electric. I've been told that there are permanent solar panels that can be installed on the deck to tricle charge my battery. After some brief research I...
  5. Solar and Wind setups...?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello everybody, I am currently planning, trying to calculate and figure out what works best electricity wise, so I was wondering what everybody has on their boats: - What Pannels (how many Watts), Wind generator, etc? - Charge Controller (one or two or more?) - How big a battery bank? - And...
  6. BP Solar Panels 215W for $300.00....what's the catch?

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have the opportunity to buy some NEW 215W BP Panels for $300 per. After a quick browse on the "Google-izer" it appears that BP is out of the solar business. Multiple reasons stated on web and none flattering to this beleaguered company. I called Frederick Md, the warranty number and...
  7. Solar panels in a series?

    Electrical Systems
    We are wondering if these panels can be hooked up to each other in a series by running the wieres to one and then another panel? We have just purchased two Kyocera Solar KD-135GX 135 Watt 12 Volt Solar Electric Panels and one Solartech 85 Watt Multicrystalline Solar Module. We purchased them...