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  1. Dinghies, Beach Cats, Etc
    Hi there! I have a Mistral 16 and I am looking to get a missing part for the Spinnaker. It is visible on the page 3, cell 33 of the user manual attached to this post. What's the name of the hook linking the spinnaker pole to the mast and to the hull, the one with the weird shape? Thanks!
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi Guys, Just bought an Oceanis 2008. Boat is in another country at the moment. It has a track on the mast for a Spinnaker pole but no pole. From what I remember when I viewed it it had Halyard exits for spinnaker halyard. My question is, if it didn't come with a spinnaker form the factory...
  3. Racing
    Hi all, This is more a discussion without clear answer but still i would like to watch the debate to understand the various view points and parameters... So the question is following. When purchasing my old 28ft boat there was a radial head cruising chute included. This was almost never used it...
  4. Learning to Sail
    My Alberg 35 came with a spinnaker but no lines for it or indication of how to set it up. There is a spinnaker pole mounted on the mast. It hooks to two rings on a track. There is a spinnaker halyard. There is a pad eye ring in the middle of the foredeck. I just want to make sure I understand...
  5. Gear & Maintenance
    Rigging my spinnaker and was wondering how long and what diameter my spin sheet lengths should be approximately on a Cal 34 Thanks
  6. Learning to Sail
    My understanding is: 1.Gib is the most basic kind of foresail 2.Genoa is a large jib 3.Spinnaker is a colorful genoa. Is this correct?
  7. Gear & Maintenance
    I was thinking of ordering a sock for my asymm. However I came across a Harken model1852 furler that is on sale for $600. Harken Staysail and Gennaker Furling It only requires that you splice a line from the head to the tack and can theoretically be used with other sails. I've used a sock...
  8. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I am contemplating getting an asymmetrical spinnaker for my boat. My I is 34.5 I was contemplating a 33' luff from North Sails but according to my calculation 36 should work too. I'm not looking to race, just to make the boat move properly in light wind. I want to get a sock as I...
  9. Please Introduce Yourself
    Is there a furler that would work for an Asymmetrical spinnaker and a wire luff staysail?
1-9 of 9 Results