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  1. 2008 Oceanis Spinnaker Deck gear

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi Guys, Just bought an Oceanis 2008. Boat is in another country at the moment. It has a track on the mast for a Spinnaker pole but no pole. From what I remember when I viewed it it had Halyard exits for spinnaker halyard. My question is, if it didn't come with a spinnaker form the factory...
  2. new cruising Chute vs used Racing Spin

    Hi all, This is more a discussion without clear answer but still i would like to watch the debate to understand the various view points and parameters... So the question is following. When purchasing my old 28ft boat there was a radial head cruising chute included. This was almost never used it...
  3. Setting up a spinnaker

    Learning to Sail
    My Alberg 35 came with a spinnaker but no lines for it or indication of how to set it up. There is a spinnaker pole mounted on the mast. It hooks to two rings on a track. There is a spinnaker halyard. There is a pad eye ring in the middle of the foredeck. I just want to make sure I understand...
  4. Spinnaker sheet lengths

    Gear & Maintenance
    Rigging my spinnaker and was wondering how long and what diameter my spin sheet lengths should be approximately on a Cal 34 Thanks
  5. Jib vs Genoa vs Spinnaker

    Learning to Sail
    My understanding is: 1.Gib is the most basic kind of foresail 2.Genoa is a large jib 3.Spinnaker is a colorful genoa. Is this correct?
  6. Asymmetrical - sock or furler

    Gear & Maintenance
    I was thinking of ordering a sock for my asymm. However I came across a Harken model1852 furler that is on sale for $600. Harken Staysail and Gennaker Furling It only requires that you splice a line from the head to the tack and can theoretically be used with other sails. I've used a sock...
  7. spinnaker size

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I am contemplating getting an asymmetrical spinnaker for my boat. My I is 34.5 I was contemplating a 33' luff from North Sails but according to my calculation 36 should work too. I'm not looking to race, just to make the boat move properly in light wind. I want to get a sock as I...
  8. A furler for A-sym and Staysails?

    Introduce Yourself
    Is there a furler that would work for an Asymmetrical spinnaker and a wire luff staysail?