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spirit 21

  1. Is Adding A Cockpit Traveler A Good Idea?

    North American Yachts
    New sailer, new boat... My 1981 Spirit 21' currently has a stern mounted wire triangle configuration which connects to the aft part of the boom... and reaches forward to put angled downward pressure on the boom. It seems like having a cockpit traveler directly under the end of the boom would...
  2. Companion Way Sliding Hatch Mold For Spirit 21' & Hatch For Spirit 23' For Sale

    Gear & Maintenance
    I lost my companion way sliding hatch for my Spirit 21' and couldn't find one so I bought one for a 23' Spirit to cut down to fit. In the meantime I located one for a 21' Spirit and the owner loaned it to me to make my own mold. It was a perfect fit, so now I have the mold for a 21' Spirit and...
  3. Lost The Top To My Spirit 6.5... Any Suggestions?

    SailNet Website Technical Support
    While trailering my just-rehab'd 1981 North American Spirit 6.5, the lid must have blown off. Is there a remedy or do I need to start making one out of plywood then fiberglass it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! It is the sliding top part (it lays horizontally) which attaches to the...