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  1. Getting to Know the SPX-5 Wheel Pilot with P70 Control Head

    Maintenance/How-to Videos
    Sailing trial of newly installed Raymarine wheel pilot with P70 Control Head on an Ericson 32-3, with link to three-part blog on the installation experience.
  2. Installing the Raymarine SPX-5 P70 Wheel Pilot, with Video

    Gear & Maintenance
    This three-part blog entry details my owner installation in June, 2013. Note that the new P70 Control Head is shipped with incorrect installation instructions. (Blog...
  3. NMEA 2000 Wheel Drive Autopilot with Wind Feedback

    Hi all, From the title of the post you can probably gather that I'm shooting the moon here, but I'm trying to figure out the best autopilot setup for a NMEA 2000 system that is starting from scratch. The autopilot upgrade is happening at the same time as an upgrade to all of our instruments...