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  1. Installing a SSB with a Questas gimballed radar mount

    Gear & Maintenance
    I've recently purchased a new Icom 802 SSB and tuner, and currently have a Simrad 4g radar gimballed mounted on my backstay(I also have a hydraulic pump for the backstay). I want to install isolators on the backstay. Where is the best location for the isolators on the backstay? Can the lower...
  2. CB radio with SSB

    Okay, I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. Has anyone seen the new CB radios with SSB mode? First, I completely understand the CB is useless on a boat....unless you want to talk to truckers from the dock, because it operates on AM and is Citizens Band. But, this one has SSB mode. The...
  3. HAM v. SSB Frequencies (check radio is unlocked for HAM)?

    Hi there I have a HAM Extra license (but have never really used it for voice, only got it to legally send email over the radio). I finally have a boat with an ICOM IC-M700Pro which works fine for email via HAM and SAILMAIL. I'm told by previous owner that the radio is unlocked for HAM. How...
  4. Icom m710 trouble - need assistance

    Gear & Maintenance
    I've just replaced my old Icom m700 with a new-to-me Icom m710 with PCT-III modem with my old AT-120 tuner. Everything appears to be connected fine on the back of the radio but when I turn it on, it continues flashing 'TUNE' on the screen and will not receive or transmit. When I press the...
  5. KISS SSB ground

    Gear & Maintenance
    I know the subject of traditional copper counterpoise, dynaplate and the new KISS grounds stirs up a lot of feeling among sailors and the point of this thread is not to kick the ant hill. I have a traditional 100 sq' copper ground pane that needs an overhaul after many years. I'm confident in...