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  1. Help!! Starwind 19

    Gear & Maintenance
    Im' in the process of restoring a wellcraft starwind 19. Does anyone have any advice or information on how the original tabernacle attaches? When I purchased the boat the tabernacle had been removed, and I'm having some trouble determining exactly how it goes back together. It looks like...
  2. Replacing Rudder

    Gear & Maintenance
    When I aquired my Starwind 22, the boat had no rudder and the bottom gudgeon fitting was sheared off - only the two opposing ends of the strap still screwed to the transom. How do I determine the correct length and width of this transom mounted tiller rudder? The specs and drawings available...
  3. Starwind 22 - Owners Manual ?

    Gear & Maintenance
    I recently purchased a 1982 Starwind 22 Mark II and have searched online for an owners manual. Does anyone know of an online version or have a copy they could scan and send? I'm not an experienced sailor as it is, so I'd like to learn the system inside and out before I get in a situation where...
  4. My First boat - '82 Starwind 22

    Introduce Yourself
    I'm new here, so I wanted to both introduce myself and my new boat. My name is Seth, I'm 23, and I've grown up on the water. My parents raised me on a lakehouse on Lake Lemon here in Indiana. I have spent my entire life waterskiing and boating here, and often traveling to florida to go fishing...