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  1. Skippers Wanted- Broadreach Summer Adventures- Caribbean

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Broadreach is a leader in experiential programs abroad for middle school through college aged students. Over the past twenty five years, more than 17,000 students have travelled with Broadreach to over 40 countries. Our mission is to challenge students to broaden their perspectives through new...
  2. Summer in the Caribbean: Safe to Cruise?

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hey folks, I'm planning a trip from Puerto Vallarta to Brazil next year, and I'm thinking of leaving the boat (42' Jeanneau) in the Virgin Islands instead of sailing back up to Mexico. Here's the question: what's the general wisdom on trying to sail up from Venezuela to the Virgin Islands from...
  3. Summer sleeping onboard in TX without AC?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I was wondering how does it look like on the water overnight? Can someone tell me what does it like in the summer in Clear Lake/Galveston? I read somewhere that Catalina 22 is called bbq pit, I guess because it is hot inside. If I get a sailboat without AC, would I be able to spend some...