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  1. Cutting surface for hot knife use on Sunbrella

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Please move this post to the appropriate forum. It didn't seem to fit the Gear and Maintenance section, but here goes: I'm about to repair the Sunbrella covers on my Cal 3-30. When cutting the fabric with a hot knife, the recommended cutting surface is tempered glass. I don't have a piece...
  2. Sewing Machine Wanted

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm hoping to find a used Sailrite LSZ Ultrafeed or its predecessor the older version-- the Sailrite Sailmaker with a longer underarm. If anyone in the forum is "done" doing bigger projects, has a machine that is just gathering dust, and is interested in giving theirs up to a new owner, please...
  3. DIY Cabin Cushion Covers

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm very happy to announce today that my cabin cushion project is finished. They turned out great! I used 8 yards of 46" Sunbrella True Blue furniture fabric and 7 yards of beige woven vinyl underlining plus the various sundry supplies: zippers, Seam Stick, thread, piping cord, etc. from...
  4. Sewmanship--How to become a God of Sunbrella

    Gear & Maintenance
    There's a good deal of cloth on a boat besides the sails. We take it for granted until it needs to be repaired, renewed or replaced. Then we need smelling salts at the first price quote. A great deal of cloth, indeed: Covers for mainsail, hatches, winches, binnacles, grab rails, dinghies...
  5. Sunbrella: What color is used on your boat?

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm starting a small marine canvas business to help fund my Great Loop trip and plan on mostly making small Sunbrella accessories like tiller covers, winch covers, propane bags, sheet bags, fender covers, etc. If you could please take a moment to reply to this poll, I would really appreciate...