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  1. Survival Weapon

    Off Topic
    I am in the process of preparing my ditch/survival/go bag for aboard. Has anyone explored the legalities of packing a survival rifle in their bag. I am looking at the Henry AR7 which breaks down and stores all components in its weatherproof stock. I assume it will still be considered...
  2. Sailboat best option during zombie invasion

    Off Topic
    Let's face it, your sailboat is going to be your best defense during a zombie attack. Getting out of the Chesapeake ... my only concern will be getting under and through the Bay Bridge south of Annapolis because you know those bastards are going to jump onboard. That's when an extra boat hook...
  3. Life Raft Vendor

    Gear & Maintenance
    Does anyone have any experience with Survival Products liferafts? Survival Products, Manufacturer of Life Rafts I am considering buying a used life raft (never deployed) from an an acquaintance, but I'm not familiar with the brand (or any brand for that matter). I've certainly heard of this...
  4. GIVENS MARINE Manufacturing ???????

    Gear & Maintenance
    Has anyone purchased a new Givens Marine life raft lately. I purchased a new 8 person raft at the Annapolis Boat show in Oct 2011 and have never received it. When I called 401-624-7000 Givens Marine Survival Co. who currently has my used 10 man raft in for servicing, Lori said they sold the...