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  1. A rugged tablet dedicated to sailors: advices needed

    Hi Guys! I'm preparing a crowdfunding campaign to launch a rugged tablet dedicated to sailors. So, I’d like to have your advice. When I bought my first sailboat, I tried to find, so as you, a good quality waterproof tablet, with a (really) sunlight readable screen, a long life battery (more...
  2. New Android Sailing App : SailFreeGPS

    Apps & Authors
    Somewhere I would like to be !!!
  3. windows 8 tablet touch chart plotter software advice needed

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I see a lot of good help on windows chart plotter software... Can the forum provide guidance to narrow down my selection of software to work specifically on a 64bit windows 8 tablet that uses a touch screen as the primary interface? In particular, it would be nice to find software that is...