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tanzer 22

  1. Tanzer 22 for a first boat?

    Hi folks; So, I had this plan, and it seemed like a sensible plan. Quick background: I live in Ottawa, Ontario, and will likely be sailing mostly (only?) on a stretch of the Ottawa River. Sailing experience is about as minimal as it is to have without actually have zero experience (Sea Cadets...
  2. Old Tanzer 22 for ocean sailing ?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hello, I'm looking into buying an affordable boat and found a Tanzer 22 <$2000. In a lot of reviews I read about people sailing it in lakes. Would it be a safe boat for coastal cruising in Maine ? I had a C&C24 and I felt safe with it in up to 4 feet waves or swell, and it felt stable enough to...