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  1. Improving Foam Boat Cushions

    Gear & Maintenance
    Drilling foam to fine-tune firmness for sleeping. Simple Interior Woodwork Repairs Adding Handholds. Ericson 38--Drilling Foam, Teak Repair, Binocular Box - Blogs - EY.o Information Exchange
  2. Beneteau Halts Production?

    Ordered and paid in full for an Oceanis 38 that was supposed to be shipped on 10/31 but was just told today that “due to a world-wide shortage of teak, Beneteau has stopped production on all boats. They can’t build your cockpit floor so they can’t build your boat”. Hearing that the world’s...
  3. Teak cockpit table treatment question

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a solid teak cockpit table with two teak folding leaves. These are untreated, as is the rest of my teak; but since this table gets used for eating and other things it soaks up grease and other stains in its current state. I would like to find a long-lasting and low maintenance covering...
  4. Teak Deck Replacement with Nonskid

    Gear & Maintenance
    Today I started the BIG job of replacing my teak decks on my 1981 Cheoy Lee ketch. I just did a small section of the cockpit near my port jibsheet winch. I'm using this post as a guide. It took four hours from getting my tools out until the area is mostly clean. The first step was removing the...
  5. Mexico For Refit?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    My boat was damaged in Hurricane Dolly a few years ago. She needs a new bimini, some fiberglass work, a bottom job, teak work, rewiring of the mast, stancheons, solar panels, wow. I hate to think of it all. she is located in Port Isabel. I am thinking, if I could get her to Mexico, maybe...
  6. Exterior teak installation

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm refinishing all my exterior teak , off boat. This is on a Catalina 30. What's the best way to reinstall? Only the handrails are thru bolted--thinking of using butyl tape. Everything else is screwed in. The eyebrows have small screws, so I think they definitely need an adhesive. Cabin...
  7. Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a Cheoy Lee 41 that had beautiful teak decks when she was new. Now they're 30 years old and the caulk is all dried out and lots of the bungs are missing. There are only two leaks that I know of coming through the deck. What I'm interested in isn't the process of replacing the teak...
  8. Teak Deck Treatments - The Best ?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi all, No doubt a much discussed topic, but we are about to take ownership of a new Beneteau Oceanis 50 which is fully teak decked, so a lot of teak, and the discussions I have found are a few years old now, so perhaps time to review this subject ? I read often of the recommended 'wash once a...
  9. Wax and Teak - how can I separate them

    Gear & Maintenance
    Last night a gust of wind blew over a (storm) candle and the soft wax from the candle soaked into my teak table. Does anyone know of a good method of getting these two items apart from each other?
  10. Honey Teak out of business?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Does anyone know why the Honey Teak (Signature Finish and Honey Teak Products - Home) phone is out of service, or for how long that's been the case? The website is still up and email is going through (apparently), but no phone. That's the only way to order the stuff. Was there a natural...
  11. Teak Sole Finish product?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, I am putting in a new teak sole. I am replacing the veneer/plywood sole with real teak boads separated by a thin strip of something. It may be holly, but probably pine. I was thinking that I would use natural cetol, followed by gloss cetol. I know this will look really good but will this...