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  1. Gasoline Powered Engines
    I need to replace my old johnson sailmaster 9hp engine next before next season as it's become unreliable. I'd like something in the 5 to 6 hp range. I believe there are exactly two manufacturers of such engines, Tohatsu and Honda. I'd like to hear from any of you who have the 6hp Tohatsu or...
  2. Outboard
    2004 Tohatsu 6hp 4stroke EX Long shaft - starts and runs great - no water from the impeller. Tore into LC, all looked good - adjusted the shift mech, new oil, new impeller, reassemble - no pee. After looking about - found a suggestion on using wire or weed whacker line. Just so happen to have...
  3. Outboard
    I recently added remote control to tiller handled Tohatsu 6hp Sail Pro (MFS6CSPROUL). Proceed at your own risk, requires skills equal to changing out bicycle cables. Parts: 1 - 3GR838800M SRC PARTS KIT-FS4/5/6C 1 - 3B7Q843601 RC BOX, RC5D (MFS4B~30B), AMB-W/O ELECT START Tools: 1. Print out...
  4. Gear & Maintenance
    I have made a minor modification to fix the silly tiller lock issue that seems to plague most of the small Tohatsu 4 strokes. (Also Murcury and Nissan) I created a blog post about it: Tohatsu 6 Tiller Lock Fix If you run one of these fine outboards on your sailboat or dinghy, have a look. Eric
  5. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    As a cruiser roaming the Caribbean I usually don't have much choice when I need to buy a big ticket item. Generally there is only one game in town. But if I can I buy from one of the big chains thinking that in the event of a problem I might get some after sales service. I bought a Tohatsu 18...
  6. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Thought I'll share this with all of you here on the forum, it helps me to vent my anger and frustration ! Last Friday I was checking a famous auction site for bargain boat bits in preparation for the new sailing season. Saw (what is most likely) my own outboard advertised there on a 24 hour...
1-6 of 7 Results