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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    We just got our sailboat and need help. Could you tell us how to empty the holding tank on a Watkins 1979 27 ft sailboat?
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hey, I've been thinking how it could be a good use of a holding tank, to collect the biogas that it produces, and use it for heating or cooking. Making and using biogas is even more environmentally friendly than doing aerobic composting, while also providing a useful resource. Depending on...
  3. Electrical Systems & Solar
    Hi, I am not sure the electrical section is the place to post the question, but can anyone provide me the pros and cons of replacing my toilets with electric ones? What is the best brand and why. Thank you for your help. Rochelle
  4. Gear & Maintenance
    Should I spend $125 for a new motor for my Jabsco electric head or $170 for a new manual unit? The motor must have a bad spot on it. When it does not work I rotate the shaft with pliers and it spins properly.
  5. Gear & Maintenance
    If there's already a thread for this question, please send me in the right direction. We need to replace the portable head that came with our 1975 Douglas & McLeod 22. The space near the v-berth is large enough to accommodate most shape and sizes, and there is no track or fitting that we have...
  6. Gear & Maintenance
    I have a 71 Ranger 26, of the O'Day line. It has a simple head where there is a pump and a small switch to change between fill and flush...worked fine with liquid waste but when used #2 the pump stuck in the up position, even with a good amount of pressure it will not budge. Help. Bill
1-6 of 6 Results