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  1. Cascade 29 transmission/throttle

    [FONT="Arial"]Owner of Cascade 29. It carries a Volvo Penta MD2B. Old (original?) morris control. The transmission seems okay. Doesn't stick, stays in one place. But the the throttle creeps back and would power down until the engine shuts off unless you are able to push it forward where...
  2. M3-20B Universal has a broken ZF 5 m (Hurth) Transmission

    [UPDATE] I did it myself in the spring, and I finally uploaded a video about it! The Saltire has a faulty transmission, and so I find myself asking for advice :) Engine: M3-20B Westerbeke Universal Diesel (replaced an Atomic 4 in 2006 or so) Transmission: ZF 5 M...
  3. Prop Dilemma

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I have an Islander Freeport 38, also known as an Islander 38C. The original engine was a 42hp Pathfinder 50. Not sure what transmission it had or the gear ratio. The prop was a Sailor 2 blade 17 RH 8. I repowered it with Yanmar 4JH2-TE rated at 63hp at 3600rpm with a KBW 20 transmission...
  4. Prop Not Turning -- C&C 27

    C & C
    The prop on our C&C 27 is not turning. We documented it in a youtube video: (You have to copy and paste the link because I can't post a link because I'm too new here. I promise it's not spam or anything nefarious.) It's a folding prop, as you can vaguely tell...
  5. Engine trouble

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    So I went out for a sail today up to Lost Isle and caught a great sunset. The San Joaquin Delta has some of the best sunsets in my opinion. The wind died so I decided to fire up the iron jib and motor back. As I approached my Harbor entrance I slowed down and heard an awful rattling sound coming...
  6. Yanmar 2gmf stuck in reverse gear

    Hi all -- I recently acquired a 1983 Pearson 303, which I'm liking very much. It has a Yanmar 2GMF 13 hp 2-cylinder diesel, which runs like a champ. This evening, however, I discovered, to my distress, that the transmission appears to be stuck in reverse, which created some difficulty in getting...
  7. Transmission output flange fell off Yanmar 2QM15 - Theories re: why?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I recently had the output coupling from my Yanmar 2QM15 transmission fall out while underway (we didn't hit anything), disconnecting the prop shaft as a result. I'm in the process of undergoing repair, but I'm concerned that I may only be addressing the symptoms without isolating the...
  8. Kanzaki-Carl Hurth KBW10 Oil Seal replacement

    wondering if anyone else has had to replace this o-ring and metal seal on the output shaft....if so any pointers on where to get these parts or the process itself would be greatly appreciated...oh, I am also out in the bahamas currently so its been making finding information and parts a little...
  9. Volvo md11 MSB transmission will not shift from FWD to Neutral

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello I have a Volvo penta MD11 D from 1979, im almost shure the gearboks is the MSB type. but it only says MS and X stamped on the plate. My question concerning a problem regarding selection/shift from FWD to neutral. The prop spins fine in FWD and REV, the problem starts when i try to shift...