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  1. Crew, Captains, Help Wanted, Jobs, and Available
    Broadreach is a leader in experiential programs abroad for middle school through college aged students. Over the past twenty five years, more than 17,000 students have travelled with Broadreach to over 40 countries. Our mission is to challenge students to broaden their perspectives through new...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I'm looking for some travel recommondations. Traveling to Stamford, CT in mid Nov. for biz but plan to stay through the weekend (Nov. 21-23). I'm renting a car and driving up the coast, maybe as far as Newport, RI. Can anyone offer suggestions for sailing / natical related tourist things to...
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hello, everyone! So, a childhood dream of mine was to sail. As a kid I use to memorize parts of sailboats and recite them to my dad. Right before I was born, my mother use to race sailboats--so I grew up with her talking about it, but not actually having a boat. I never had the opportunity to...
  4. Please Introduce Yourself
    Looking to converse with like-minded sailors about their skills, travel and anything else that may be interesting.
  5. Caribbean - Islands and Sea. Not Central America
    On my next trip to Cuba, which will be the completion of a circumnavigation of the island, I'll be putting together the footage for a TV documentary to be aired on the public television broadcasting network. I've included the links to my sites, both the basic site and the facebook site for group...
  6. South America
    Hello! About five years ago I had the experience of being hired on as crew to deliver a boat from Trinidad to Ft. Lauderdale. It was a motor boat, but the experience of island hopping changed me forever and I am hoping to recreate the experience with my family. We are preparing to move back...
1-6 of 6 Results