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  1. North American Yachts
    New sailer, new boat... My 1981 Spirit 21' currently has a stern mounted wire triangle configuration which connects to the aft part of the boom... and reaches forward to put angled downward pressure on the boom. It seems like having a cockpit traveler directly under the end of the boom would...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Anyone ever seen this article/setup before? In a nutshell, they have two 4:1 tackles going from mid-boom to the toe rail on either side just forward of the companionway. The tackles share one continuous line that circles aft of the helm. Looks like there's cleats or clutches back there. The...
  3. P30
    I have a lot of questions about doing this right. The task seems to be getting more challenging and expensive. First step seems to be to relocate the traveler to the deck just behind and between the deck grab rails. When tapping on the deck it sounds hollow. The traveler feet back plates will...
  4. Learning to Sail
    Hey guys, I have a 1974 O'Day Widgeon and when I got her, there was very little of the original rigging intact or even present. So I have a few questions that I was unable to dig up using the search function. First, is there a particular type of rope I should be using? the rigging that was...
  5. Gear & Maintenance
    I'm moving from end-of-boom to mid-boom sheeting. Comparing Schaefer and Harken bridges and travelers, does anyone have an opinion about which is a better brand or better for this particular application?
1-5 of 5 Results