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  1. Diesel
    Hello! I have been offered a m-25 for the same price as a 5416 that was listed for sale, but was in reality not available. I wouldn't mind a more powerful engine, however, what would I need to modify in order to make the different engine work? I was told it was 4'' longer, is that on the front...
  2. Diesel
    In prepping for my return cruise from Fort Myers, FL to Warwick, RI. my OCD is kicking in; I am wondering if I should disassemble the exhaust to scrape out any crud that may have built up over time. The engine is a 1986 Universal M25, and I rebuilt the exhaust piping and cleaned the mixing...
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I have recently acquired a m25 engine. I am re powering a my C30 replacing a 5411. the engine starts up nice and easy , sounds good but after running for 10 minutes starts to over heat? Raw water flow is good, thermostat is good, coolant is topped up and seems to be blead properly. the problem...
  4. Diesel
    I've had 2 sarters break (housing that covers the gear cracked all the way through) on my Universal M25. I was told by 1 mechanic that its due to rust on the flywheel not allowing the starter gear to engage with the flywheel properly. When the teeth don't mesh the upward pressure on the shaft...
  5. Diesel
    I just installed a new starter and the first time I tried to start her up I heard only a clicking noise. Turned off key and tried again and she started up. Is that just bad wires and/or connections??
1-5 of 5 Results