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  1. Diesel
    Calling all mechanics for ideas :) I have a 1990 Catalina 30 with a Universal M3-20 (18hp) engine. I discovered about 3 seasons ago if you run the engine in gear over 2000 rpm there is black smoke/soot/particulate matter in the exhaust. Since then I've only run the engine up to 2000 rpm and can...
  2. Diesel
    [UPDATE] I did it myself in the spring, and I finally uploaded a video about it! The Saltire has a faulty transmission, and so I find myself asking for advice :) Engine: M3-20B Westerbeke Universal Diesel (replaced an Atomic 4 in 2006 or so) Transmission: ZF 5 M...
  3. Diesel
    Hello everyone, I have the O'Day 28 with Universal Atomic Diesel No. 11, I can't seem to be able to find a manual for it anywhere, is this supposed to be the same thing as model No. 2-12 (two to twelve?). Any help appreciated!
  4. Diesel
    So, I have a 30 foot TMI (ticon) sailboat which I love, usually, but the 1982 universal diesel that powers it is another story entirely. When I bought the boat about six months ago I knew she hadn't been maintained worth a flip for a few years, and I paid accordingly, but while everything aboard...
  5. Diesel
    Need Your Input ! repower, diesel, m5424, Universal, used for sale, S29.2C, new Kubota or Yanmar-need your input on motor selection.. my email - jj_ramage at yahoo dot com. am placing a 3 cylinder at least 20 HP motor. It will be horizontally mounted as low as possible with a CV...
  6. Gear & Maintenance
    I can’t get the marine diesel engine (3 cylinder Westerbeke/Universal 25 HP) on my sailboat to keep running. When cold, it starts ok and runs for about 1 – 2 minutes, then sputters and shuts off. It runs a little longer at low RPM than high RPM. After this short run and sputtering off, the...
  7. Atomic 4
    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, I have used atomic 4 parts and I am located in San Diego County. Used Parts - Reverse Gear - Reverse gear housing -oil pan - exhaust manifold - flywheel -flywheel housing and cover - exhaust elbow -crossover tube (old style) -valve cover -accessory drive...
  8. Gear & Maintenance
    Good after noon. I have a unversal m12 it starts up but rev high 3400+ and when try to kill the motor it wil lnot stop i have to pull the fuel supply what could it be?
  9. Diesel
    1998 Catalina MKII - needs new engine. Seeking rebuilt Universal M25X - 3 cyl. Appreciate any tips on where to find/buy a rebuilt engine or have ours rebuilt if that makes more sense. East coast preferred. MD/DC/VA if possible.
  10. Diesel
    I currently have a non-functioning Yanmar 2QM20 (18hp) in my Endeavour 32, and I'm looking to re-power. The best engine in my vicinity so far is a Universal M30, 24hp. Does anybody know these engines well enough to say whether this would be too big of a pain, or if there are any odd issues such...
1-10 of 10 Results