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  1. Diesel
    It seems it's time to change out my heart exchanger- so I imagine step one is drain the coolant. I haven't found any drains or info. Does anyone have a suggestion? I was thinking about pulling the hose from the water heater. I think that's the lowest spot.... Any experiences here? Thanks!
  2. Diesel
    I've recently bought a 1982 Cal 31 with the Universal 5416 engine in it. As far as fuel filters, oil filters, i'm good to go on all of that. When I google for more in depth parts, like spare alternator, spare starter, etc..I keep finding websites that will not sell to me because I'm not in...
  3. Diesel
    Hi All, I've got a Universal Atomic Diesel model 5416 on my Erickson 30+ sailboat. I believe I've got an air gap in the coolant system. Just replaced the heat exchanger because there was almost no seawater coming out the back. A couple years ago had the heat exchanger insides cleaned out, so...
  4. Diesel
    Hello! I just bought my third boat, an Allmand 31, and wouldn't you know, the engine decided to die on the first sail! something happened to cause the port side of the engine where the starter attaches to shatter, so its probably not rebuildable... according to the manual for this boat, its a...
  5. Diesel
    I have a 1969 Columbia MKII with the Universal 5416. This was originally going to be a story to illicit help starting the engine but reading the entire sailnet diesel sub forum and countless others I've solved the problem. I did just about everything wrong. Terrible battery maintenance...
1-5 of 5 Results