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  1. Diesel
    Hi All, I've got a Universal Atomic Diesel model 5416 on my Erickson 30+ sailboat. I believe I've got an air gap in the coolant system. Just replaced the heat exchanger because there was almost no seawater coming out the back. A couple years ago had the heat exchanger insides cleaned out, so...
  2. Diesel
    Hello. I bought the bracket from Catalina direct. It's installed correctly. My issue is the swing arm for adjusting belt tension doesn't fit my alternator. It hits alternator fan and there's no play to adjust tension. After market alternator with external regulator. The only thing I can think of...
  3. Diesel
    I am looking to purchase a 1980 30ft Catalina. it has an 11 HP Universal Diesel engine. The question is, do you think that 11HP is sufficient HP to move that boat against a tide or waves? Any guess as to top speed on a flat sea?
1-3 of 3 Results