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  1. Geographically specific forums?

    SailNet FAQ
    Hi there, New to sailnet and looking for forums specific to geographical areas. For example, I have a time-sensitive inquiry about companies for shipping a hull from Washington (US) to Vancouver (Canada). Otherwise, lots of great information here. I've been reading for some time and have...
  2. Washington Area Best Marina for boat repair

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hey all. About to purchase a 35' sailboat, and I already know there's work involved. Needs some fiberglass work on deck, also needs new standing rigging, mast rewired, roller furling, new shaft seal, new transmission cupling, engine alignment...and some other general maintenance. Rather than...
  3. Advice on sailing from Boston to Vancouver.

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello everyone, I am thinking of possibly sailing from Boston to Vancouver next year. My visa expires in the US and I need to leave. My visa might expire while on the way or right when I leave so I have a question if someone might now. Without a US visa, can I stop at US ports on the way to BC...
  4. Charter with captain in Vancouver, BC, CA

    Can anyone recommend a sailboat charter in Vancouver, BC, CA? We'll be in Vancouver this August and we'd like to find a boat and skipper (36' of larger) that is available for charter for 3-5 days. We plan to sail the waters around Vancouver and explore some of the islands inside of Vancouver...
  5. Vancouver sailing in August 2014

    Crew Wanted/Available
    My wife and I are looking to find a sailboat owner who would enjoy sailing the water around Vancouver, BC, Canada with us for 3-5 days this August. We would be happy to pay for the food, fuel and grog for all. We are experienced sailors from San Francisco Bay. I have more than 10,000 open ocean...
  6. Replacing an Atomic 4 engine with a Diesel in Vancouver

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I have a 35 foot Hughes Sloop currently moored in Vancouver. It has a tired atomic 4 engine that i think now needs to be replaced so I'm looking at repowering the boat. While we're at it I'd like to do some other upgrades such as painting, electrical etc. Of course, I'm not...
  7. Experienced crew available - Vancouver

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Experienced crew available Hi, I'm a 31 year old Spanish guy who has been living in Vancouver for 3 years now. I recently got laid off from my job and thought this would be a perfect time to take some time off and go sailing. I have money (savings and got a nice severance) and time, how often...
  8. Vancouver to Hornby Island

    Pacific Northwest & Alaska
    Looking for information to sail from Vancouver to Hornby Island. Any advice? is it best to hug the coast along to Sechelt and cross to Parksville and head to Hornby?
  9. Exp Crew Looking for Day sail in Vancouver: 7/24/11

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Experienced, middle-aged crew (3 men) from the Chesapeake Bay on annual business trip to Vancouver looking to spend our day off sailing. We've done a few day sails in the Downtown Vancouver area on past annual trips, but looking for something a little different / more cost-effective. We could...