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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, The hatch boards on one of my boats are marine plywood, and the original teak veneer is in bad condition. I've got some nice teak veneer hanging around Left over from a previous interior project. I'm wondering what would be the best glue to attach it to the exterior surface of the hatch...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Since I'm doing a bit of mast down rigging and replacing wiring/antenna, I have my wooden spreaders off. After a light sanding with a pad sander, they look very good but need a protective finish. The simplest is to varnish, sand, varnish, sand until I build up 6 coats or more. Another option...
  3. Gear & Maintenance
    The back of my cabin is covered with strips of veneer with varnish over them. Over the years water has gotten into the seams and the veneer has expanded the varnish is peeling away. Anyone have any good ideas to restore this? My latest idea is to sand it down and use an epoxy coat to harden the...
  4. Gear & Maintenance
    I have a solid teak cockpit table with two teak folding leaves. These are untreated, as is the rest of my teak; but since this table gets used for eating and other things it soaks up grease and other stains in its current state. I would like to find a long-lasting and low maintenance covering...
  5. Gear & Maintenance
    After stripping and sanding down to the bare wood, followed up with a good TSP cleaning, I plan on using honeyteak Clear on my interior. I admit I'm totally new to varnishing and have been getting a lot of useful advice from Tom at honeyteak on how to do it. However the question still unanswered...
  6. Gear & Maintenance
    We've just applied the fourth coat of polyurethane to a freshly sanded teak and holly cabin sole. Should I stop? We don't have enough left for a fifth coat so either we just coat the high traffic areas once more or buy more. Any comments on what to do? Thanks.
  7. Gear & Maintenance
    Does anyone know why the Honey Teak (Signature Finish and Honey Teak Products - Home) phone is out of service, or for how long that's been the case? The website is still up and email is going through (apparently), but no phone. That's the only way to order the stuff. Was there a natural...
  8. Gear & Maintenance
    I have applied gallons of varnish using traditional methods and now I am faced with a recommendation for a two-part varnish system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
1-8 of 8 Results