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  1. Diesel
    The 28Hp VolvoPenta 2003 saildrive in my Sweden 36 still runs, but is inefficient, expensive (parts) to repair, sooty and struggles mightily in a 20kt headwind. We motor frequently in Puget Sound; it's just the way it is. On a day headed south in the summer with a light breeze aft, the cockpit...
  2. Diesel
    Hi. I have tiny bubbles and diesel coming from around the injectors and the sleeves on a volvo penta 2002b. The usual advice is to have the sleeves replaced by a volvo dealer. It doesn't always work and the solution to fixing this problem after new sleeves is to reseat the injectors...
  3. Diesel
    I have an oil leak in my Volvo Penta 2003. It leaks whether or not the engine is running but worse when it is. I now need to clean below the left side of the engine every day I use the boat. In the photos I have identified where the leak is visible. As you can see the oil drips down behind the...
1-3 of 3 Results