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  1. Volvo Penta MD7A wont go into reverse

    Volvo Penta MD7A wont go into reverse. Forward and neutral are no problem at all. Does anyone have a suggestion about what could possibly cause this to happen?
  2. Engine paint.

    My Volvo MD2020 needs a touch say the least... What is new in the world of engine paints? Any high temp epoxies? Primers?
  3. Volvo Penta 2002, MS 2B, yr 1991 zinc

    I have a "new to me", 4 months ago, Volvo Penta 18 hp. It is fresh water cooled with a heat exchanger and anti-freeze circulation. I'm trying to determine if the "zinc plug" on the top front of the engine, about 7/8ish socket, should have a zinc? It doesnt have a fitting on the back. I'm in a...
  4. Volvo Penta 50S saildrive parts

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, Im trying to restore the sail drive in my boat. I think I have mostly what I need except an intermediate housing. Mine is corroded really bad. I may be able to repair it, but its pretty bad. If I could just find one in better shape, I'd be a happy sailor. So, if anyone has one laying...
  5. Volvo md11 MSB transmission will not shift from FWD to Neutral

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello I have a Volvo penta MD11 D from 1979, im almost shure the gearboks is the MSB type. but it only says MS and X stamped on the plate. My question concerning a problem regarding selection/shift from FWD to neutral. The prop spins fine in FWD and REV, the problem starts when i try to shift...