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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    I found a deal on one, but need to get a second winch. Harken 44, Self Tailing, 2-speed. Thanks!
  2. General Discussion (sailing related)
    I'm trying to find a prop for my Pearson 30. They seem to be fairly hard to find used. Can anyone tell me what my options are? Currently I have a folding prop that seems like it takes forever to extend. What is this prop worth? Folding props do seem to bring a premium price new as opposed...
  3. Crew Wanted/Available
    We are currently looking to recruit 3 Yachtmaster Offshore Power/Sail instructors (1 to act as principal / chief Instructor), to work on a salaried basis from our new school in Southern Italy, the school will be ready and running from March. Initial flights and accommodation will be supplied...
  4. Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    I'm looking for a used 4 person life raft for a journey between canada and new zealand next month. I am in Canada and if raft needs to be tested/certified before used, I can not buy from outside canada. If already certified and ready for use, purchase from the u.s. may be possible. Anything...
  5. Crew Wanted/Available
    June 10 to 14, 2013. Kids aboard. Looking for crew that wants a liesure sail on a 49 foot Jeanneau 4 state room rental boat. Crew and capt. will split costs for rental, food and incidentals. It is a great time to cruise Lake Superior. Russ
  6. Electronics
    I am looking to buy this part for my Robertson 200DL autopilot. Can anybody help? Lexow Grant Tanton 43 Annapolis, Md.
  7. Chartering
    Hello! A group of about 9 of us have recently decided to spend New Years in the USVI/BVI's. Total last minute decision but are interested in a Catamaran Bareboat Charter...however of course everything is booked! Hoping for any advice/options? Have plenty of sailing and USVI/BVI Navigation...
  8. Beneteau
    Looking for Bene 411 that need complete standing rerigg may consider a 40 any leeds appreciated ... and Many Thanks
  9. Crew Wanted/Available
    I'm sailing to Nicaragua and would like a crewmate/s at least until Cabo and possibly farther. I plan on leaving December 14 plus or minus a day or two and all I ask is that candidate have a valid passport and ticket for return airfare. I don't mind smoking outside of cabin or drinking (to be...
  10. Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    I'm in the market for catamaran around $200k. Is there a good alternative to yachtworld and the brokers ?. If anyone has a cat, or knows of someone that is contemplating selling let me know. I'm in Florida so east coat/carribean location is preferred. Ideally we are interested in a Lagoon 410 S2...
  11. Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi, I am 24 and just finished university, it's a liberating feeling. I have for the first time no commitments. So I was wondering as an avid sailor and surfer if anyone needed an adventurous and enthusiastic crew member for any surfing trips that they were doing? I also enjoy everything to do...
  12. General Discussion (sailing related)
    I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place. As the title describes I am looking for an outboard motor to use on my newly acquired 1969 Coronado. I live in Pasadena MD. I looked at the classifieds but they date back to 2003 so I'm not really sure how reliable the ads are. I am on a budget...
1-12 of 13 Results