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  1. New Ideas for using water heads?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi there! this is my first post on Sailnet, I recently (december 2013) acquired a 1971 Ericson 39, and have been working on it since then. This thread regards the usage of the water heads and the water system on boats. I found the system on my boat to be far from fool-proof and wondered if...
  2. Waste Bladder fills up with saltwater as soon as I pump out.

    Gear & Maintenance
    For whatever reason: after my last 2 pumpouts (I'm on a weekly service on a mooring) my bladder will instantly fill back up with salt water. Its not just a little bit either: It completely fills my 25 gallon bladder very quickly. I just bought the boat about 3 months ago and have been living...
  3. Waste deck fitting stuck

    Gear & Maintenance
    Went to have the holding tank pumped out for the first time in about 9 months. The fitting and cap are 30 year old aluminum. I have a good bronze spanner wrench but the cap would not budge. I sprayed it with PB Blaster and will try again. Other than adding length to the handle for more...
  4. Getting sanitation hose over fittings

    Gear & Maintenance
    Good day all: I am installing a new holding tank and replacing the sanitation hoses. I am using Triton sanitation hose (supposedly one of the most flexible), and I find it next to impossible to get it to go over the barbed fittings. Both the 3/4" intake and 1-1/2" outflow are equally as...