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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    What is the best or simplest way to restore this wall? The leak has been stopped and repaired and now the water damage needs to be addressed. Do i need to strip the entire wall, or can i spot fix it?
  2. Diesel
    Is it an Isuzu 2AB1 and is it salvageable?:D I bought an aluminum sailboat, a Trisbal 36 and the engine is in sad shape. First of all is it an Isuzu 2AB1? Looks to be and I've Isuzu manuals. :laugher Satyrus's Engine such as it is! The boat was flooded with rain water and sank at her berth...
  3. Boat Review Forum
    advice on buying a boat that needs work Hello forum! This is a long story and I'm not sure where to start because I'm new to this forum and to sailing. So I'll go in chronological order: Went sailing with a friend, anchored in Charleston near a run down looking 1977 33' Morgan Out Island...
1-3 of 3 Results