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  1. How much water?

    New to ocean sailing, older first boat: 1980 24' C&C. Loving the boat. A week of close off-shore sailing is in the making. This will be the first voyage for the two of us. A trial dinner-aboard-at-the-dock revealed the quantity of potable water (drinking, washing dishes and bathing) is an...
  2. Chasing down a persistent Porthole Leak

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, I am a bit stumped after trying everything I know and want to know if someone has experienced something similar. I have one leaky porthole that drips water from the inside extreme lower right corner at the frame's base into the boat. It's not from the gasket area, I've tripled checked that...
  3. Overheating, cooling or exhaust system issue?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Just when I had my A4 running like a top she has blessed me with another mystery problem. Here is the rundown: Last week I was heading out for a quick little ride. On my way out of the harbor my boat started acting strange and engine speed started fluctuating (around 1500-1700rpm.) All of a...
  4. New Ideas for using water heads?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi there! this is my first post on Sailnet, I recently (december 2013) acquired a 1971 Ericson 39, and have been working on it since then. This thread regards the usage of the water heads and the water system on boats. I found the system on my boat to be far from fool-proof and wondered if...
  5. What is the best Sailing book you have read?

    Apps & Authors
    What are your favorite Sailing books? - both fiction and non-fiction.
  6. How often should I take her out of the water?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I want to buy a used sailboat, but she's been in the water(freshwater) for 10 yrs. I don't think she's been out of the water during that time. I will double check with the owner to see if she's been taken out for maintenance, etc. What are possible problems that I should be concerned about? (The...
  7. Mast step bracket fills with water

    C & C
    Hi My 1980 C&C 34 mast step bracket on the keel is black metal, and fills up with condensation around the base of the mast around the shims, in the settee Should it have a hole in it somewhere that may be plugged over the years, as it is tough to clean and impossible to really see inside, Can I...
  8. My boat has trapped water and no bilge

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a light weight 1700 pound Santana 21' with an iron flip down keel. I've been doing some cleaning and fixing up but now I have this problem of trapped water. Normally there is a bilge where any water that gets in the boat will end up in the bilge and can be easily pumped out. Well this...
  9. Wannabe Catamaran Sailor

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello! I am so land locked the rocky mountains are in my way! But I dream of the ocean and the feel of the water!! I would love to chat with Catamaran owners as I love the look of them more than the traditional boat. I am currently saving for my boat...Please let me know how the cat's...