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  1. Weather
    Hi All I have an S&S34 built 1979 which has a single spreader short rig The boat sufferes with weatherhelm Does any one know the recommended mast rake for this class of boat I read an article which suggested 8” (200mm) Any advise greatly appreciated
  2. Learning to Sail
    I am new to sailing and own a 2000 Sun Cat 17 since Sept. One thing puzzles me, in light air (but have also noticed in wind 10-15) while tacking both to port and starboard as the boom crosses and I straighten the rudder the boat continues to turn away, even if I push the helm all the way over it...
  3. Seamanship & Navigation
    I have two questions: 1. I'm moving my late model Rhodes 19 to an area where 15 to 20+ knot winds are typical. This is significantly more than what I'm used to. Can anybody please guide me regarding what to expect in terms of when to reef the boat (it's in a protected harbor, so waves aren't a...
1-3 of 3 Results