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  1. Marine Forecaster - Your Mobile Weather Station

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    Knowing about weather forecast is really important when you are travelling in yachts or if you are a part of the marine world. Whatever the experience and skills set it is important for ‘professionals’ to have up to date and reliable data about incoming weather conditions, sea state, wind state...
  2. Sailing to Catalina Island via Long Beach Memorial Day weekend

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Does anyone know what the weather is typically like end of May sailing to Catalina Island? We've done the sail during August. We are taking a 36 Hunter and will have two families on the boat (both with older kids and both with 3 year olds). We have sailed numerous times in open water living here...
  3. Where to find prevailing weather

    Does anyone know where to find the prevailing wind, weather, seas, currents and other data for different locations at different times of year. Basically the tools you could use to plan passages. I don't have any problem with near term forecasts but am looking for information or averages for...
  4. "Advisories, Watches and Warnings Issued for Mariners" by Hayden Frank

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    Staying safe and making smart decisions on the waters is essential, especially when it comes to weather. On April 25th, join Hayden Frank from NOAA as he explains the various marine products that are issued by the National Weather Service in Taunton. He will explain the types of advisories...
  5. San Diego Bareboat in April - weather question

    Hi All, My wife and I are travelling to the US in late April and May. For the first part of our trip we're visiting her relatives in San Diego and being experienced cruisers, we'd like to take them out for a day sail around San Diego. Ideally, we'd like to book ahead so our relatives can...
  6. Key West to Marathon via Hawks Channel in Late JulyEarly August

    Florida - Keys
    Hey everyone, I am new to the site and relatively new to sailing. My father and I brought my 23' Ranger down on the inside (bay side) from Coconut Grove to Key West, taking the northern route "above" the keys to the Northwest Channel entrance to Key West. Still in key west and headed back to CG...