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  1. M3-20B Universal has a broken ZF 5 m (Hurth) Transmission

    [UPDATE] I did it myself in the spring, and I finally uploaded a video about it! The Saltire has a faulty transmission, and so I find myself asking for advice :) Engine: M3-20B Westerbeke Universal Diesel (replaced an Atomic 4 in 2006 or so) Transmission: ZF 5 M...
  2. Fuel Pump for Westerbeke W30/Four-91

    I need to replace a fuel pump for my Westerbeke 30 (Four-91). It's weeping diesel and it isn't lifting any diesel. It looks like the original fuel pump is no longer available through Westerbeke, so I'm waiting out the holiday weekend before I can contact a few straggler parts places that might...
  3. Rebuildable Westerbeke W21A for sale $1000

    On a crate and ready to ship. Complete with deluxe control panel, 2.5:1 transmission, and all marinizing components. See my craigslist ad here. Marine Diesel Engine 3 cyl 21hp Westerbeke Removed from our Nordic 34, which we repowered recently. Paul
  4. New Member - Old Boat

    Introduce Yourself
    I'm a new member. Restoring an Allied Sloop 39' in southern NJ. Hope to have spring launch in 2016. Looking for Westerbeke parts, good supply tips for marine hardwoods and some hardware. Kieran
  5. Coolant detected in oil (Westerbeke W21)

    Hi guys, I just got oil report from my Westerbeke W21 back and there are 7% of coolant detected in there. Was 0% for previous two years since i got my new old boat. This season i changed coolant pump and injectors. Does not look like this would affect any seals because coolant pump is driven by...
  6. 197? Westerbeke on Perkins 4.107 Block

    Working 197X Westerbeke 40 on a Perkins 4.107 Block. Hurth Gear Approximately 1995. Counter Clockwise Rotation for forward. Gear has less than 150 hours. Drive Saver. Custom Alternator Bracket supports dual alternators (only 1 comes with Engine). New Fuel Filter Assembly. New Fuel Pump...
  7. regulator in alternator M25XPB - connection to battery?

    Hi, I was wondering if the regulator in my alternator (westerbeke 12V 50amp) on my M25XPB has a sense wire which should be connected to the positive of the battery? It seems there is no such wire on my boat, so I was wondering how can the regulator sense the battery state then? Thank you so...
  8. Westerbeke L25 for sale running

    I have a 1979 islander 32 with the L 25. The day before thanksgiving I had a runaway and got it shut down before any damage was done. The westerbeke dealer consensious is that the injector pump was not the cause. It was bad valves or guides that allowed crankcase oil into the cylinders. The...
  9. Westerbeke Damper plate

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a 2004 120 HP westerbeke in a 44' sailboat. In 3000 hours I have had 3 damper plate failures. the 1st less than 400 hours. The manufacturer is no help. Any ideas??? This is dangerous and expensive.
  10. Westerbeke 12B Battery/Starter Wiring Confusion

    Electrical Systems
    Hi Folks, Last fall I purchased a 1991 Pearson 27 and while getting it ready to go in the water this year, I decided to try to understand how the battery system is connected. While going through everything I ran into a bit of an issue that I don't understand and I am hoping someone here could...
  11. Westerbeke 63B and 63C

    Gear & Maintenance
    Head Probles with W63C Does anyone Have experience with the use of Steel Seal or Blue Devil sealant on a diesel engine cylinder head? Steve
  12. Westerbeke - no start post inj. pump rebuild.

    Calling all Diesel guru's. We just had the injection pump and injectors rebuilt and everything went back together without major incident. We're trying to get her running in the cradle but no joy as of yet. Things we know: 1. Bleeding process went as indicated. We have fuel at the injectors. We...
  13. Temperamental Westerbeke Four-91: fuel filter assembly and near runaway status

    If anyone has any experience with temperamental Westerbeke engines, namely the late '70's Four-91, we could use some help. 1. We broke the secondary fuel filter assembly and order a new one. Turns out Westerbeke superseded the part with a slightly different fuel filter assembly. The head has...
  14. Westerbeke 4-107

    Gear & Maintenance
    Recently acquired my Clipper 36, which has a Westerbeke 4-107. A couple of questions to any experienced Westerbeke/Perkins owners: 1) Can anyone assist me in determining the manufacturer's date from markings on the engine 2) I was told "in passing" by a marine diesel mechanic, that the 4-107...