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  1. How long before bringing her North?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello all, We are in the process of purchasing our sailboat in Florida and plan to bring her to North Carolina where we live now. We plan to launch her in about 2 years after we do some work on her. She had taken on some water due to bilge pump failure and the water had reached a level above...
  2. New sailor, nyc area. Looking for a good time.

    Introduce Yourself
    100% new to sailing, looking to get into it as a weekender of course. Maybe in 30 years retire and live aboard. Ive always loved the water and have always lived near water. I really cant see another way that would be fun to make a hobby from this passion. I have never sailed before and im...
  3. Foulies - anything other than Musto worthwhile?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Well hello sailors, I'm in the market for some new and better foul weather gear. The new Musto HPX jacket is going for about $900 US, with bibs clocking in around $600. They also make a drysuit for about $1600, which doesn't seem like a terrible deal considering it's within $100 of the combined...