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  1. Lashing/holding tiller wheel in place

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I have an old 31 eastward ho with a small single wheel in the center of the cockpit and no auto pilot. I have tried a lot of different techniques for holding the wheel in place when I at down in the cabin, on the bow etc., mostly involving running lines or shock cords off cleats (there...
  2. Changing wheel - hub adaptor question

    Gear & Maintenance
    I need to put a new steering wheel (destroyer type) on my 40 year old Albin 34. The hub shaft I have is a straight 3/4". All the wheels I've found are made to fit either a 1" shaft or a tapered 3/4" shaft. I've searched for hub adapters, the only ones I've found are made for tapered 3/4" to 1"...
  3. C27 wheel to tiller conversion

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    I am looking at buying my friends 1987 Catalina 27. The boat is in great shape but it has a wheel which came from the factory, and I would much rather have a tiller. There is an emergency tiller which can be put in in case the wheel breaks so I was wondering if anyone has ever gone through the...