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  1. Cruising Videos
    Coral Sea - Search for the Duroc - 90 minute video - watch the trailer Available in DVD and HD Blu-ray at Australian Adventure Videos by sail, kayak, on foot Discovery starts search for French Frigate lost in 1856 In 1982, Jack and Jude led an amateur radio expedition to Herald's Beacon, a...
  2. USA Gulf of Mexico
    Anyone thinking about our little-known treasure on the west coast of Florida? I have made cruises here spending 7 days, never two nights on same anchorage and covering just 22 miles of chart distance. It is a delightful cruise where you see more birds and sea creatures than anywhere else I've been.
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    This sea lion chased our sailboat crossing Puget Sound from Blake Island on Labor Day weekend. This guy followed and swam under the boat both under sail and power a good 10 minutes. I hear they do this to hide from larger predators... wonder what was in the water? Or did it think we were fishing...
1-3 of 3 Results