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  1. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hello! I am wondering if anyone has experience getting jack stands? I need to get some, but I am unsure of where to turn, as well as shipping times. I know west marine has some, but I try to avoid using that store if I can...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hello! I need recommendations for winter storage in Toledo Ohio. I am new to the area and don't want to be taken advantage of. Its a 31', and I don't have stands. Thank you!
  3. Mass Bay Sailors
    I'm considering buying a permanent winter cover vs shrink-wrap for my new-to-me Hunter Vision 32. I'm looking for recommendations for someone to make a cover. I'd also appreciate it if anyone had a good guess as to what it might cost to cover a 32' sailboat (with a free-standing mast if that...
  4. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hello - I'm taking my SJ21 out of the water this weekend for the winter. What's the opinion here on what is better for the boat: Leave the mast up or take her down? It's pretty easy for two people to take her down and rest on the bow pulpit, but I was wondering if it's less wear and tear...
  5. Living Aboard
    Hi guys, I am trying to start a new website, forums, Maine Liveaboards Home. It's just starting out so there's not much on it yet, but hopefully it will be awesome when all is said and done! I want to hear what kind of stuff you mainers (or anyone!) would want to see on a website directed at...
  6. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Any suggestions for places to park a 35 footer for the winter in the Annapolis area? I can either stay in the water or haul-- just want access to work on her during the cold months. I priced out the boatyards on Back Creek, which seems to be the center of Annapolis, and they just feel...
1-6 of 6 Results