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  1. Anyone Familiar with Coronado 27 Wiring?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I'm helping a friend do some work on his Coronado 27, and need to know what happens to the steaming light wiring when it exits the mast. Where does it go? The mast is stepped on deck, he's never had it off. We need to trace the wiring from the mast light socket to wherever it next becomes...
  2. Nexus Multi XL daisy chain

    My boat has an older, 1st generation Nexus Multi XL mounted on the mast (this is an older model, not the newer NX2 Multi XL display). I recently purchased a second unit so I have two on the mast. However in removing the old one I can't see any way to connect the second instrument to this one...
  3. How to track down a short or ground in wiring?

    Electrical Systems
    I just replaced the batteries and charger on my boat. There were no fuses on the batteries before and I put some 50amp fuses on them. The next time someone took out the boat there were more problems. After sailing the other owner could not get the motor to start. When I got to the boat I...
  4. replacing a plug on Icom 604 mic

    Hi there electronics aficionados. I am hoping that someone can give me a quick hand figuring out what connector I should use on my remote radio mic. I have a 604 in the cabin with a Command Mic ii in the cockpit. The command mic plug has gotten wet and corroded to uselessness. Icom will...
  5. Sarasota/ Bradenton Marine electricians?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, I'm down here helping a friend on his powerboat electrical. Water was above wiring (fresh water, on the hard) and much needs re-done. I am doing what I can, but we'd like to find a local marine electrician to bring in.
  6. Battery Switch rewired... wont turn OFF

    Electrical Systems
    I replaced all of my 4 gauge cables going from my two deep cycle batteries to the battery power switch (as well as the one going from battery switch to the alternator). The switch has the option to run on battery 1, 2 or both. But I'm fairly certain the way it was hooked up it was running on...
  7. Modular wiring terminals -- help!

    Electrical Systems
    I purchased a 2005 Beneteau 36.7 and am trying to do some simple changes to the electrical system. Problem is I have no idea how the modular terminal blocks work (picture below). The blocks make things tidy, but my attempts to release or add wires have been very frustrating. Do I need special...
  8. Removing a birds nest behind the panel!

    Electrical Systems
    The mess behind the panel in my Yankee has always bothered me. Because Yankees are narrow, space it tight. This is really evident in the small space behind the switch panel, where they crammed the wiring for the switch, a neg. bus and PO's supplied power to wires that were not switched and had...
  9. Columbia 22 re-wire

    Columbia & Coronado
    I recently purchased a 1970 Columbia 22 and will need to re-wire the boat. I attempted to pull the old wires from the cabin light and it would not move at all. The wiring runs into the overhead, it does not have an exposed run. I read somewhere that the wiring was glassed in (I believe was...
  10. Recommendations for connectors

    Gear & Maintenance
    I am preparing to work on my mast. I will add a tri-light and anchor light combo and will run the cable for a new VHF antenna. What recommendations do you all have on connectors for the wiring and cable? The existing wiring and the connector at the base of the mast is in pretty bad shape...
  11. Wiring Diagram for Beneteau 423

    Electrical Systems
    Besides the owner's manual, and there any good wiring diagrams of the Beneteau 423 which allow for revisions on the basic diagram?
  12. It couldn't be a phone line, could it?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Sorry that I don't have a pic to post for you. This has me stumped. I have what looks like an telephone wire that runs to a block in the cabin. There looks to be (maybe) 8-10 wires connecting to a block. The wires are a very small gauge and from the block I loose them behind some wood and I...
  13. Software for wiring and plumbing diagrams

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a couple of mid-sized sailboats to renovate and want to plan wiring and plumbing before I start. Also, when I sell one of these boats, I want to turn a set of diagrams over to the new owner. Any recommendations for free or reasonably-priced software (Windows 7 operating system)? The...
  14. Hunter 30t Pulling wire

    Electrical Systems
    Hi, I just changed from a Pearson 30 to a Hunter 30T. I am trying to put in a new transducer. Unlike the Pearson there is no easy way to access the wiring. The old transducer seems to go under the floor and make a right angle up one of the "ribs". Are there any tricks about Hunters I should...
  15. Running Wires Down The Mast of a '78 Catalina 30

    Electrical Systems
    Hi all - I own a 1978 Catalina 30 -- Standard Rig. The Steaming and Anchor Lights do not work. I climbed the mast thinking I could just change a bulb but with a volt tester figured out I wasn't getting power up there at all. I had a mechanic look at it and he confirmed I had good power at the...
  16. Bilge pump to 12V or to shore power?

    Electrical Systems
    I have purchased a Hunter 27 recently and have some concerns with the bilge pump wiring. This was not factory installed but done by the previous owner, who may have been in over his head. I know I am/ The bilge pump runs off the 12V panel, and appears to run if on whether the bilge is wet or...
  17. EU - US electrical system conversion

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I'm considering buying a used '04 DuFour 37 which was in the UK, and has all European electrical systems. Does anyone know if I will be able to run my US stuff on this boat? It's got a 12V and 230V system. How much do you think it will cost to change everything over to US standard 110V? Will...
  18. Best way to connect all charging sources to the house bank without making spaghetti?

    Electrical Systems
    Hello! Thanks again for the continued help! This is part of the ongoing electrical refit on my Oday 37, for what that's worth to you expert types. Following current wisdom, I'm moving all charging sources to the house bank, and then installing an Echo Charger to handle the start bank. In the...