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  1. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    What a cracking boat! Have you sailed on a Contessa 32 before? We passed Alex Thomson as he was sailing back to Portsmouth. No sign of him though, I think he must have been down below in the warm! Here's the film: Pete
  2. Cruising Videos
    A fabulous yacht and great crew... A trip to remember! Pete
  3. Cruising Videos
    Have you been through the Corinth Canal? I hope you enjoy this time-lapse journey. It was filmed last summer whilst on a yacht delivery from Italy to Turkey: Pete
  4. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I am just back from a fabulous yacht delivery to Turkey! The owners were on board and I was teaching them to Coastal Skipper level (RYA). Lovely people, great food and some excellent sailing! I hope you enjoy the video: Pete
  5. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Whilst on a yacht delivery from North Wales to Southern Spain we spotted a Fin Whale and managed to capture him up close and personal on the starboard bow! Lots of lovely dolphins too: I hope you enjoy it! Pete
  6. Boat Review Forum
    I have delivered many different yachts of all shapes and size. There is something certainly pretty special about the HR range! Here's a short video showing some of the highlights during the yacht delivery of a Hallberg Rassy 37 from the Netherlands to North Wales. Who do you think makes the...
  7. General Discussion - Sailing Related always a pleasure! I hope you enjoy the video! Pete
  8. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Drugs were of major concern - Luckily we where able to meet the owners out in Venezuela - no white suits, convertible sports cars or guys with machine guns insight, so we knew we would be OK! Here is part one of the video: I hope you enjoy it! Pete
  9. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    A short video that was filmed and edited by one of the crew on board a lovely Rustler 42 during a Trans Atlantic crossing that finished earlier this month. The owner was originally thinking about taking her back by ship, but his son was keen to sail her home; so we helped them out by...
  10. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    A common route for me, and this time there was no sign of the typical Northerlies along the Portuguese coast! I hope you enjoy the video... Pete
  11. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    The Island Packet 380 is a lovely yacht! We were very lucky to recently sail one to Gibraltar. Fresh conditions across Biscay, typical trade winds along the Portuguese coast and of course some amazing dolphins! I hope you enjoy it! Pete
  12. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I love them... How about you? Here is one I delivered to Plymouth: I hope you enjoy it! Pete
  13. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Here is a short video taken whilst crossing the Atlantic on board a Prout 33. A few snags along the way; and the trip took a lot longer than we'd expected - but Gemini Too performed excellently. The Prout 33 is a great boat! Pete
  14. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    We recently had the pleasure of delivering a 1977 Cheoy Lee Clipper 42 from the UK to Greece. It was all filmed with a very poor quality camera, and unfortunately for a 4 week passage there wasn't much footage to play with. I guess the crew were busy doing other things. ;-) I hope you enjoy...
  15. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I have always been a fan of Bowman Yachts - fantastic blue water cruisers! We were lucky enough to deliver a Bowman 40 from Portugal to the UK this summer. Unfortunately the typical Portuguese Northerlies were in full force, so the start of the trip was delayed a bit to get a good weather...
  16. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    A short film taken during the delivery of a Beneteau 393 from Hamble to Troon: A real mixed bag of conditions, but by all accounts an excellent yacht and a great trip! Pete
  17. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    A short film taken during the delivery of a Hanse 400 from Arklow to Brixham: I was particularly pleased with the intro! I hope you enjoy it... Pete
  18. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    On a recent delivery back from Southern Spain, the crew filmed some magnificent Pilot Whales (in the Med). Also hundreds of Dolphins, and they caught a whale blowing as they crossed Biscay. Probably a Fin Whale... Halcyon Yacht Delivery - Hanse 411 - Altea to Ipswich - YouTube Has anyone else...
  19. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Earlier this year we delivered a Malo 36 from Crete to the UK. Here is a short video that I have just edited together: Amazingly they had S and SW winds all the way up the Portuguese coast. A lovely boat and perfect conditions! Pete
  20. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    We recently helped with the delivery of a Lagoon 560 from Corfu to Sicily. Here is a short film (recorded by the crew) showing some of the journey. A real mixture of conditions; no wind, and then some quite strong winds - typical Mediterranean stuff! The Lagoon took it all in her stride... A...
1-20 of 34 Results