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yanmar 2gm

  1. Yanmar 2gm raw water, water manifold plug

    SailNet FAQ
    there is a hole in the block which is in the rear of the cylinder block water manifold at a location roughly in line with the mounting flange for the starter motor. I suspect this is a freeze plug location and it is currently missing; probably the result of a very cold winter and a poor...
  2. Yanmar 2GM Winterization System Failure

    I was out putting around last weekend for a few hours. I heard a bang while I was in the head, but did not think much of it, since there were plenty of others aboard that could make such a sound. We were really moving slow like 1000 rpm. When entering the harbor the engine was pushed to...
  3. Help Need a Yanmar Expert 2GM20

    My 2GM20 recently developed fuel delivery problems and we have no Yanmar mechanic on island. I have replaced the fuel line to hand delivery pump; the high pressure pump; and the injectors. It almost fires but cant quite get there. I had a mechanic bleed it and we got it running, however two days...
  4. Yanmar buzzer ON

    I have a YANMAR 2GM. My buzzer is on when the engine is not running. Two lights are also on. The sound is not as loud as a regular alarm. As soon as I have the engine running, all alarms stop. All systems are running fine.
  5. Kanzaki km2 service manual

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi - I have a 1981 Hunter 30 with Yanmar 2gm motor, and kanzaki km2 transmission. I am looking for service manual for both of these to either download or purchase in book form. Any help would be appreciated. Paul