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  1. Diesel
    Have a 1978 Yanmar SB8 Where we initially had the head gasket blow out on a water jacket that filled the cylinder with water. We replaced the head gasket and it fired up nicely, but was smoking a lot. We had it running for a good 15 minutes and we purposely shut it down and it wouldn’t fire back...
  2. Diesel
    Hello, i am new and have exhausted my efforts with the local marina's and mechanics. its an inboard yanmar sb8 on a 1978 27' Hunter located in portsmouth va. I have a Yanmar SB8 and it recently left me stranded in the water and thanks to tow boat us i got back to the marina safely. the motor...
  3. Diesel
    Fuel pump timing on Yamnar SB8 Hi, I installed a new high pressure fuel pump on Yanmar SB8 engine. No fuel comes out of it. One of the previous threads talks about fuel pump timing. How do I do it? and is it the cause of my problems? I did bleed the air out of the line. Any help would be...
1-3 of 3 Results