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  1. YSM12 Blues

    I am sure this topic has been discussed but I have not found it in the search so here it is again, my apologies for redundancy. I have an 80s model Yanmar YSM 12. Been a great motor for the last two years, always cranked and ran like a dream. I had to re-thread the return line (small metal tube...
  2. Yanmar YSM12 Waterpump

    Gear & Maintenance
    I need a waterpump for a YSM12 Yanmar Diesel motor. Does anyone have one I can acquire cheap?
  3. YSM12 water pump

    Hello everyone. The motor started today, much to my and the rest of those rooting for me at the little neighborhood marina. Then I get the call to shut her off! Shes sprung a heart sank. The water pump was the culpret and water seemed to be spraying 360 deg from behind the pully. My...