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Funny isn't it how those archetypal Italian edibles ; espresso, pasta, pizza and parmesan get so mucked up when they travel. Pasta almost invariably overcooked and drowned in too much sauce, coffee diluted and reduced to such obscenities as soy bloody lattes, instead of freshly sliced or shaved parmesan we get that nasty crap that comes in packets and jars and then of course really bad Pizza. Mind you things have improved in recent years.

All personal opinion of course but while I'll give the Italians Pasta, Espresso, Pizza, Balsamic and Parmesan I'd rather go to Spain or Portugal for my Olive Oil and Jamon (Proscuitto) while surely the French are at least as renowned for their wine and truffles.

Still love Italy though. How could they leave Risotto off that list ?

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