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I have three of the Hella ($22 from Defender's) fans on Seaweed. Two are bolted to bulkheads while the third is screwed to an old clamp like the Roofers/termite men use. It can clip on the rails and with the cigarette plug end I can power it easily.

The Hella is "too noisy" but when temperatures go above 80 degrees suddenly the sound is lots less! :)
The power draw is low. And sometimes having two fans makes all the difference in the world.

My advice? Buy a hella and find a clamp to screw it to. Mine are five years old now, and knock teak, still working well.

TO the far right is the fan with the clamp. I agree that having a fan that can be moved is useful -- this one blows right at my middle and keeps me cooler because it is closer than the bulkhead mounted one in my galley.
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