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14'' cal trailer sailer

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14'''' cal trailer sailer

Hello from sunny Scarborough QLD
I have recently purchased a 14'' Cal trailer sailer. Some might say its not much of a yacht but I love it. Easy to sail, launch, & lets me get away from it allout on the bay.
The previous owner knew nothing of its history. I have searched the net extensively but can only find info on the larger Cals.
I would appreciate it if anyone could give me any info regarding the history of these boats in Australia. Place of manufacture, year etc.
Any info at all would be greatly appreciated. I also have some technical questions for anyone that might know this model.
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cal 14 trailer sailer

I have also purchased a cal 14 ....hatch cover has big c with a 14 inside?got it cheap ,cute boat ,interested to find out anything and everything about it.tried google but very little info.also any tips or just tell me how yours goes! cheers
Ive just started a new thread on Cal-14's in the Cal section, lets get it happening.... sharing of info
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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