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16 ft Snipe - How many people can it hold?

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I'm thinking about buying a 16 foot Phoenix Snipe sail boat and I want it to fit my two high school kids and me.

Does anybody know if it will fit three? (I understand that it was designed for two, but can it support the third body?)

Thanks in advance.
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One adult, two kids, max. Designed for two adults, not three. High boom so you'll at least not all knock heads.

Vang will make the forward kid have to be a contortionist during tacks, and the daggerboard when raised for a run will "trap" the forward crew to where he can't switch sides in a hurry.

That said, then yeah I guess if you all don't weigh over say 450.
I gotcha. Thanks.
Any chance you can recommend a fun sail boat that fits a crew of three? Ideally the price would be at very most 1,500.
I didn't say the Snipe wouldn't be fun, it would. Just not much room in that little cockpit for three.

Most of the boats for three are in the 16-19' range. (very) used Lightning? Thistle?
Maybe a Tanzer 16? Heck - if you look around you could probably find a Tanzer 22 for that price and they will sleep all three of you!

For a circumnavigation, you should have 9 people on board of that boat ........sorry wrong thread
Rhodes 19 would work. Nice big cockpit.
I'm in a group that has several Catalina Capri 16.5 sailboats that sail easily with four adults. In fact I did that very thing last night.

If you're only looking for three people a Capri 14.2 would probably work. I haven't sailed on, but I see quite a few around.
It all depends on how you stack them .... probably 6-8 laid down on their sides and shackled along the centerline or doubled over and laid cross-wise on top of one another.

The boat was built for a crew of two ... so 4 adults on a 'gentle' day.

Our first boat was a Skipper Snipe it held 2 adults I don't think there was any way it would hold 3.
If it is cramped and awkward sail with 3 people on board (which it will be with Snipe), your kids may not like it and will get a wrong impression. With so many cheap boats out there it would be silly not to get something all 3 of you could enjoy. And Snipe ain't it.
Add Flying Scot to your search. In your price range try looking on
Capri 14.2 sailed by me at Ferry Point here on the Magothy River today with just one sailor.
He was running on main sail only.

Dude needed at least two high schoolers on board, one to work the jib, one to balance the boat.

That Snipe will hold all three, and be dang fine when one, or both can't make it (which happens all too soon my friend).
I gotch
Lido 14 great boat if you want 2-4 people. It's slightly smaller length but the inside is alot more usable space
Where are you? Lake? River? Ocean? Different regions have fleets of different boats because of local conditions that favor one type or another. Are you planning to race or picnic-sail? Many good suggestions above, but ymmv because of where you are.
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