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I am a retired full time liveaboard. My boat is a 44ft cutter and that is the biggest boat I would choose but I know of plenty couples with 50ft boats or even 55ft.

But attitude matters more than size. I know of couples happily cruising in the Carib on 30ft boats.

My advice is look for something 35 to 45ft. Big water tanks, at least 300 watts of tiltable solar 400 is better. Oversize anchor on all chain with an electric anchor windlass. I do not use marinas, it is quieter and usually fly free when you anchor out.

Get an efficient fridge with lots of insulation.

Where to buy is difficult, some of the best deals around are in the chicken harbors of the Canaries, Panama and St Maarten but you could spend a lot of money on travel looking at wrecks. [ There is a Youtube story of a young lady who bought a bargain in ?Panama? only to discover it was full of holes and possibly beyond repair.] Trinidad has some real bargains.

Self insure but have the EHIC card.

Take your time and head south enjoying the anchorages as you go.
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