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A survey that is four years old doesn't mean JACK. It is worth less than the paper it is printed on. If the boat has been neglected for those four years, the survey will reflect absolutely nothing of the condition of the boat today.

C&C made a pretty decent boat in the day... unlike that brand today. I don't know if the hull is cored or not, IIRC, some of them were, some weren't. Moisture in the deck is an issue...and may or may not be a dealbreaker.

IF the boat is in good condition, there is no reason you couldn't do the type of sailing you're talking about.

Nothing wrong with a properly maintained Atomic 4 btw... they're simple to maintain, simple to operate and near bulletproof.

BTW, welcome to sailnet... I'd highly recommend you read the POST in my signature to help you get the most out of your time here. It has tips on searching sailnet, posting photos, etc.

I'd also highly recommend you read the Boat Inspection Trip Tips thread I started, before going to see said boat.
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