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Hello Sailors.. I have my eye, pirates only have eye, on a 1975 C&C 33
sloop.. This model was built as a racer/cruiser.. probably a little more race
than cruise. I don't race, just cruise. But, her owner is impressive, she is priced right, she has loads of equipment .. et all. Boat statistics: LOA: 33'
LWL: 26' Beam: 10.6' Draft: 5'6" .. and displacement of 9800. My concerns: moisture in the hull, deck and strength of hull. The owner has assured me that the hull is not cored. He has a survey from 4 years back.
But what about the strength? As I wrote, I don't race, just cruise. I will be
taking her offshore, not around the world, but into the Atlantic. If you know: how well constructed are the C/C hulls of this era? Will the hull hold up to offshore sailing? Have you had any experience with model C/C or similar from the era? Do you know anyone cruising in one? Offshore cruising? She is light on the cruise toys, which is ok by me. She has the basics: pooper, alcohol stove, sink, some water,.. blah blah.. She has an Atomic 4 gas engine, I'd like to avoid that but the AT4 is in the boat. At the right price, maybe change out the engine at a later day.
So,, comments welcome. About this C/C and all the C/C hulls, boats, of the
era. She is rather deep draft for some harbors at 5'6" but boats are compromises.. I hear.. Thanks ahead or time.. you all are the best.

Length - 33 ft
W/L - 26 ft
Beam - 10.6 ft
Draft - 5 ft 6 in
Disp - 9800 lbs
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